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How Gratitude Cultivates a Simpler, Happier Life

Minimalism: A Path To Contentment

Minimalism: A Path To Contentment - Simple Adventure

Slow Down Simplify Life Minimalist family

Slow Down and Enjoy the Simple Life

Here are 5 areas where you can create more space in the next 24 hours to help yourself slow down and make the day less stressful.

31 Days To Declutter Your Life

31 Days To Declutter Your Life- complete list

Being ‘still’ in a world of ‘busy’

It's important to stop the overwhelming list of things to do, and find balance and rest during the day. Slow down, take a break, and find time to be still.

A Simple Way To Improve Your Child’s Life

Let's talk protein! This is a must read for anyone looking to get fit and stay healthy.

Simple Adventure In Hawaii

When our family spends less money on 'stuff', then we can save for experiences and travel. Read about our upcoming simple adventure!

First Simple Adventure: beginning of a minimalist family

This is the story of my first 'simple adventure', and my discovery of how little I actually need in order to be happy- in order to live a meaningful life. This was the beginning of living a more minimalist life!

Meaningful, Minimalist Conversation

Aggregating content daily about simplicity, minimalism and the simple things that makes a meaningful life.

Become Comfortable In The Silence

Become Comfortable In The Silence

5 (More) Areas Of Life To Simplify

If you’ve read 5 Areas of Life To Simplify and become intentional in these areas, then here are 5 more ways to simplify your life.

A Calm Heart Amidst The Season’s Rush

A Calm Heart Amidst The Season's Rush - Simple Adventure