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a pink background with the words 17 million barrels of oil are used in producing bottled water each year
Life Without Plastic
The issues regarding single-use plastic do not rest at pollution. Single-use plastics are fossil-fuel intensive- an inappropriate and inefficient use of a non-renewable resource. Just another reason why #PlasticFreeJuly and efforts to live plastic-free are so important.
We all have a role to play in making sure we save a safe environment for future generations. Planet Drawings, Soil Regeneration, Ochrana Prírody, Environmental Quotes, Environment Quotes, Save Our Earth, Environmental Studies, Environmental Awareness, Charles Darwin
PADI AWARE Foundation | PADI
We all have a role to play in making sure we save a safe environment for future generations.
Absolutely true! Louise Hay, Quotes Pink, Surfrider Foundation, Save Our Oceans, Ocean Day, Oceans Of The World, Save Earth
Scott Hawaii Slippers | Hawaiian Sandals and Flip Flops
Absolutely true!
a sign that says what did you do to save the world today? on an escalator
"What did you do to save the world today?" www.LifeWithoutPlastic.com
a sea lion swimming in the ocean with a quote about each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me
14 Inspiring Animal Quotes That Will Put Things in Perspective - Animal's Look
People often tend to forget that most of the animals were here long before us. They also, in their pride, tend to think that we're the rulers of this planet...
an advertisement for bags in the ocean with a shark swimming over it's back
Communication Design Blog
The new great white terror of the ocean. @sea Shepherd Conservation Society #defendconserveprotect
a person standing next to a giant tree in the forest with words written on it
Poème incompréhensible de la vie ... | Meditation is a good sustainable way to change your life and make it happier
I want to create a planet that doesn't need protecting
a forest filled with lots of trees and text that reads small acts, when multipleled by millions of people, can transform the world
Timeline Photos
a protest sign in the middle of a crowded street with people holding up signs that read sorry for the inconvenience we are trying to change the world
Revolution can be cool
You can't change a lot sitting on ur bump…
the environment is in us not outside of us the trees are our lungs, the rivers our blood stream, and we are all connected, and what you do
Evidence - NASA Science
'Time for a paradigm shift in awareness of our own cause and effect on the environment. Most people are currently oblivious to the sum total of their seeming little actions in the context of the big picture.'
a blue and white poster with the words, it's pretty amazing that our society has reached a point where the effort to
Little Green Steps | Fulham | Childminding
makes you think .....