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How To Pitch Your Game | Make It Big In Games

How To Pitch Your Game | Make It Big In Games

How to pitch your indie game to publishers, press, youtubers, or your

tinyBuild is the indie label behind games like Hello Neighbor, Clustertruck, Punch Club, Party Hard and

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Learn how to make a game pitch with Rami Ismail with this practical presentation from GDC Europe What should I explain? Types and Pro Tips.

How to Pitch Your Game to Publishers by Isaac Shalev | Dice Tower News

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How to pitch your indie game to Sony

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How to pitch to publishers: Can you explain your game in ten words?

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How to pitch your game to publishers

Pete Smith, an executive producer working with external studios at Sony, knows a thing or two about videogame pitches: he's sat through hundreds.

Our Game Pillars summarized in one picture.

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