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Pouring From a Carton | 13 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong

When you pour anything from a carton, your instinct is to put the spout close to the glass. But actually, this method results in a floppy splashy pour stream. Instead, turn the carton upside down and hold the flap down flat for a smooth pour.

Peeling Potatoes | 13 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong

Speed-Peel A Potato. Peeling a potato can get pretty annoying. However, there’s an easy solution. After you boil a potato, put it into cold water for 5 seconds. Remove and twist the potato skin with your hands - the skin will fall right off!

Hiding beer in a giant fast food cup. | 20 Ingenious Solutions You Wish You'd Thought Of First

Why didnt we think about this tokeep our drinks cold while on the beach.so simple.Just put ice around the edges of this cup (mini ice chest) Hide your beer LOL Drinking in public places (beach, etc.) WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS!