Real Canadian Butter Tarts

Real Canadian Butter Tarts

Real Canadian Butter Tarts: Melt in your mouth butter tarts, oh sooo good ! The method for baking is unusual, but will prevent the filling from boiling over.

Anna's raisin butter tart

Anna Olsen's raisin butter tart recipe - note will cut raisins and maybe add pecans(Baking Cookies Corn Syrup)

Award-Winning Butter Tarts

Winning Butter Tarts

Indigo Recipe Test Winner

Indigo Recipe Test: The World Needs More Butter Tarts. 3 Recipes Tested with Tasters Pros and Cons for each.

The Four-Biter World Famous Butter Tarts

One Sunday last fall I went into the kitchen with the sole purpose of perfecting Canada's icon of pastry - the butter tart. I studied a n.

Grandma's Butter Tarts

Grandma's Butter Tarts

Tom's Butter Tarts, made both regular tarts and mini tarts and are absolutely the best!