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More miracles

There's no way to describe the past week other than to call it a miracle. When I came to Calgary 10 days ago, all indications were that it was near the end for Dominic. The leukemia was spiralling out of control, his liver and spleen were enlarged and we put him on morphine. No wish trip. No comfort. No hope. Then he had a good day. And two good days. A trip to a show. Then the Airdrie fire department brought a truck, mascot Sparky and a photographer Thursday. He's going to be in their…

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His journey is over. Dominic Sean Rooney took his last breath at 11:45 a.m. ET this morning at the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando. He was two. He slept on his dad's chest all night, then spent some time with his mom, but they both knew he was fading. He got in one last session of music therapy, though he was asleep for it. Mickey Mouse came to see him, but didn't get to the room because Dom was on his way out. Thanks to staff here he was calm and at peace when he passed…

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Ready to come home

Funeral homes are not happy places. Darned if they don't try though. The one we were guided to for Dominic had a TV in the lobby streaming commercials, one of which included a family handing out bottles of barbecue sauce. All smiles. We walked in and were informed they give 90 per cent off if the deceased is a child. Plus insurance and we won't pay for the cremation. Oh and here's some free bottled water branded with the name of the funeral home. They said his urn would be ready to pick up…

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Note from mommy #2

Hi baby. Mommy wanted to write a quick note to you. I'm sitting in the rocking chair in your room in the dark, cause you don't want to be left alone. You have never been afraid of the dark before, but then with so many machines on, you have never really been in the dark before. It also shows that you are growing up. And it breaks my heart. Not cause you are growing up, but because it makes me think of all the things you will never get to do. Through everything we have always held up hope…

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I'd be remiss not to open this post by saying thanks to everyone. Regardless of what's to come your kind words and expressions of love are truly meaningful to us, and, I think, to others who see them. We chose to be very public about everything from the beginning. Writing would be cathartic, I thought, and maybe be a way to show other parents going through similar situations what it might be like. Friends and family could catch up on what was new and how Dom was doing. What we never expected…

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Florida Day 1: Hangry

It's midnight (OK, my body thinks it's only 10 p.m., but the clock says 12). I haven't eaten in at least eight hours and have no clean underwear. And no those things are not related. We just forgot to pack me any underwear. This is Day 1 of our wish trip to Florida. Dominic, thankfully, is asleep. Trish is out at Wal-Mart because apparently when there's lightning, we can't eat! Holy crap why did Give Kids the World tell us specifically not to eat before we showed up? They said we would be…

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Florida Day 2: A little village

Opened in 1986 by an Auschwitz survivor-turned-hotelier, Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida is an incredible place. A couple hundred villas, each one built to look like something from a fairytale. Ours, No. 231, is a castle, decked out inside with modern amenities which make it look nothing like its age. The kids get the master bedroom, with a pint-sized jacuzzi tub. Mom and dad still get a king-size bed and plenty of space. The kitchenette has upscale appliances, but you don't have…

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Florida Day 3: Magic, everywhere

The forecast was dismal. Hurricane Erika was on a collision course with the entire state of Florida, with landfall expected Monday. Meanwhile Dominic's condition worsened, throwing up twice overnight through fits of coughing. We planned for a day at Disneyworld anyhow, hoping against hope that waking him up three hours earlier than normal wouldn't exacerbate the problems and that he'd make it to the hospital for his next platelet transfusion by 2 p.m. He didn't just make it there, he did it…

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As I type this my son sits upright in his crib, mouth agape, desperate for air. He sways, nearly unconscious from the morphine. His eyes are mere slits. But every time I say it's bedtime, he sits back up, tugs on his shirt and grunts a bit. He doesn't want to lay down. But I think it's time. You expected a post about another magical day here in Florida. So did we. But when he woke up his oxygen readings told a different story. We increased the oxygen rate. Doubled it. Tripled it. He kept…

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- photo courtesy Charles Lefebvre Earlier this year when posting on Twitter about Dominic's journey, I realized a hashtag could be useful to help amalgamate any fundraising attached to his story. I tried #domstrong - nope, there's some reality cooking show competitor getting love there. How about #strongfordom? Used recently for another cancer story. I went through a few before settling on #dominicstrong - which had seen no activity in more than a year. Little did I realize what would happen…

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His last flight

Here, in seat 19B aboard an American Airlines Airbus, is Dominic Rooney. He's between his mom and I, seatbelted in, quiet as can be. The perfect child. Trish put his blanket overtop of him to keep him warm. Just like she held his hand for hours after he died because that was the only way it wouldn't be cold. I thought I'd be more affected by the plastic box they gave us at the funeral home this morning. It is, after all, all that's physically left of my boy. It represents all the things I'll…