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a painting of a woman sitting on the ground holding a baby in her lap, surrounded by flowers
James Jean’s New Narratives Blended With Abstraction - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a drawing of a woman's head with her hands on her face and eyes closed
The Art of Eliza Ivanova
a drawing of a woman holding a bird
The Art of Eliza Ivanova
The Art of Eliza Ivanova
a drawing of a woman sitting in a chair
Look Here: Seven drawings by Alfons Mucha
more breathtaking Mucha
two different drawings, one with a man's face in the center
four different colored drawings on a white paper
a drawing of two men fighting each other
Dean Cornwell
Dean Cornwell | texasadam | Flickr
a drawing of a man with a hat on his head holding a book and looking through a magnifying glass
a drawing of a frog riding on the back of a bicycle
a drawing of a deer and some people in the woods
animation – Page 22 – One1more2time3's Weblog
a black and white drawing of a bear sitting on its hind legs in front of a window
Art of Brother Bear
two black and white horses are shown in this drawing
a drawing of a rat with the words one day, a rat on it's back
Brian Wildsmith's Illustrations for "The Lion and the Rat"
a drawing of a woman's face with her hair pulled back and eyes closed
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground next to an animal
felicita sala | Tumblr
an open book with two drawings of a woman and a deer
Dreamscapes of Animals and Powerful Women
J.A.W. Cooper: Professional illustrator, fine artist, and adventurer | #TheGetty Iris — #Art via @gettymuseum
a drawing of two women in dresses with words written on the side of their faces
an open book with two drawings of people in different colors and designs on the pages
Reeo Kerkos
an open book with two drawings of monkeys and other animals on the pages, one in black and white
J.A.W. Cooper // Illustration - SELECTED WORKS
an open book with drawings on the pages and in front of it is a drawing of a fox
four different sketches of people sitting at a table
James Jean | Mole B #Moleskine #sketch #art #journal
a drawing of a person with a hat on top of their head and one hand in the other's pocket
By @oneuglybastard
a drawing of two bears with words written on them
Blackbook Pieces... #01 / Monsta Julien - AA13
Une petite série de croquis signé par le jeune illustrateur français Monsta Julien.