India Vegetable- Indian red onions (1 onion)

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Indian Meat/Alternatives product- Cashews. India is the second highest producer of cashews in the world.

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Both Canadian and Indian food pyramids are the same because they have fruits/vegetables as the second highest amount of food you need but Indians have more serving than us (9 vs 7). And grains is the most, but once again Indians have more(11 vs 7). Also they have the same amount of meats and dairy products and it is the third most you need (3 servings). The differences are Indians list sweets in their pyramid but they are the least amount same as Canadians need the least amount of sweets.

1992 USDA Food Guide Pyramid To help the public better understand a healthy diet, and to make health-conscious food choices, the United States Department o

Indian Dairy product-Kulfi (similar to frozen yogurt but healthier and has more calcium and vitamin D)

Kulfi is a very popular and traditional ice cream dessert from India made with sweetened and flavored boiled milk, nuts and spices and is very easy to make

Indian grain product- whole wheat bread (2 slices)

Whole wheat bread Replace white bread by whole wheat bread , it's the same calories , but it helps u to digest better.

Grain product of India-Naan Bread (1 piece)

Today we feature a special iftar recipe from Indian called the naan, which is type of bread. Naan served hot and fresh is appetizing indeed!

Indian Meat/Alternatives product-Goat

If you’re looking for some fantastic goat recipes to get you started or inspire some new creations of your own then look no further; we have put together a selection of our favourite goat meat recipes.

Indian Vegetable-Dry Sweet Potato

Indian Vegetable-Dry Sweet Potato

Indian Vegetable-Red birds eye chilis

Indian Vegetable-Red birds eye chilis