A flaw in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol can allow man-in-the-middle attackers to access apparently encrypted communications, researchers have warned.

This week Oliver Macpherson explains what an SSL certificate is and why your business should have one.

Flash Malware Soars

Come installare Adobe Flash su Android Jelly Bean

Approximately 2,500 customers had credit card information and other data compromised during an attack on the Mohu website.

The new facility will focus on delivering state-of-the-art IoT technologies to its media, service provider, insurance, utility and consumer electronics

Chinas IP Theft and Tech Transfer Network Costs US $5 Trillion  Report.System enabling US IP theft said to dwarf Beijings home-grown R&D

Anonymous hacked several Chinese government websites including the Hunan (a province in China) Police Academy website in solidarity with pro-democracy prot

Chipmaker establishes new Automotive Security Review Board for security tests and audits

Chipmaker establishes new Automotive Security Review Board for security tests and audits

Lionytics data generator -  Processing screen

Lionytics data generator - Processing screen

iOS 9 6digit passcodes

Apple announced on Monday that iOS 9 will have native two-factor authentication as well as (slightly) more secure passcodes.

Snapchat steps up security

Snapchat steps up security

Big Data vulnerable

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AeroGrow breach

AeroGrow is notifying customers that malware was likely used to infiltrate its online servers, and payment card data may have been compromised.

Tinba Banking Trojan

A new and improved version of Tinba, a banking malware known for its small size, has been spotted in attacks targeting the customers of European financial institutions.

Hospira Drug Pumps

A researcher who has analyzed the software installed on infusion pumps manufactured by Hospira says several models are plagued by the vulnerabilities disclosed earlier this year.

62 Million users at risk

Insecure Direct Object Reference - It gets the information only based on the `browser_id` parameter passed in a HTTP GET request and fails to verify the user is authorized to access the requested data

Systemic Security Woes

The massive hack at the Office of Personnel Management showed not just room for improvement but a lack of very basic security fundamentals -- and expertise.

Stepson of Stuxnet

Activist Post: NSA Cyber War Will Use Internet of Things as Weapons Platform; Your Home is the Battlefield