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a large blue bowl sitting on top of a wooden deck
Wood Fired Hot Tub - Did Ya See?
I've also seen these marketed as "Cowboy" hot tubs, but the principle is the same. They are powered by an external wood fire that heats coils connected to the tub. The difference in temperature then causes convection to circulate the water, bringing cool water in for heating and hot water out into the tub. While slow, they are quiet, lack many parts (moving or otherwise) to service and can be used "off the grid". I suppose you could also make epic amounts of soup. Translated: A completel...
a stainless steel fire pit in the middle of a garden with red flowers around it
Soak Outdoor Wood-Fired Hot Tub
Soak Outdoor Wood-Fired Hot Tub – Men's Gear
a person laying in a bathtub on a deck
Off Grid Propane Powered Hot Tub
I would LOVE to have this propane-heated cast iron tub. =)
an old red truck with succulents in the bed and plants in the back
garden art projects Archives — Empress of Dirt
Truck gardening - now I know what to do with my kids beat up trucks :) or a good father's day gift for the office