Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids - Crafty Morning

As flowers bloom, this fingerprint Poppy flower craft is a great activity for your little one. Go on an outdoor adventure after and try to find Poppies together.

Poppy template. Fill in with tissue paper using a pencil and glue. Makes an easy Remembrance Day decoration.

Poppy Flower Template / Paper Plate Poppies from Australia where their day of remembrance is called Anzac Day : Anzac day poppy craft for kids using paper plates.

Todd Parr reading his fabulous book "The Peace Book".  I read this with my class every Remembrance Day and we make a class book.  I just wish he would make a YouTube video where he reads the French version!

Todd Parr reading his fabulous book "The Peace Book". Make a class book with your students after reading it together. Great for Remembrance Day.