This snack is standard issue at our house during the holidays. As a matter of fact, I make 2 turkey roasters of this, its great for taking along to all the holiday parties. Go ahead and make it now. Store in a covered tin in a cool place, and yes, you can freeze it. Just reheat in a warm oven.

Christmas Nuts N' Bolts Snack

Christmas Nuts N' Bolts Snack Recipe ~ this salted treat goes great with cocktails & super cold beer!

I can't believe that it's taken me this long to share my family's classic nuts and bolts recipe with you all. You can actually thank these two in the photo below, for the kick in the

Classic Homemade Nuts and Bolts recipe! This holiday favourite is the snack in our house come Christmas and I'm thrilled to share my family recipe! paleo dessert for thanksgiving

Classic Nuts and Bolts, a recipe from ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen.

The perfect snack mix of nuts, crackers, pretzels, cereals. A classic for entertaining!

My most requested Nuts and Bolts recipe. Originally from my mom's recipe, but modified over the years.

Just like most kitchens, pop in here to see what's going on, where I've put stuff now and see who else is just hanging. Remember - it's all about the love, baby.

Jo and Sue: Homemade Bits & Bites

For some reason homemade bits and bites always seems like a Christmas time treat. Which is a bit weird because there is really no "Chri.

Homemade Nuts and Bolts Recipe

Homemade Nuts and Bolts Recipe