Working Without Mobility in Labour? Try a Peanut Ball!

Peanut Balls for Labor - A Valuable Tool Promoting Labor Progress? Promising results from a small study.


Mandi and Bri of Focus Sisters met with me and I was able to ask all of the newborn photography questions my clients ask me.

ICAN Calgary

ICAN Calgary meetings focus around peer support- a group of moms helping moms to talk about and work through their struggles.


Consider making this trail mix when packing your birth bag or for a quick and nutritious postpartum snack instead of stale store bought granola bars!


Labouraide is an excellent, home made, refreshing drink for labour. Energizing and hydrating for both the labouring mother AND her support partners!

Holy Bananas!   It’s been a while since I posted. I swear I haven’t accidentally locked myself in the bathroom – I’d love to hear YOUR tips for blogging regularly if you’d like to share LOL .   Anyway, back in the caveman days when I last posted So You’d Like to Hire a Doula Part …

"The best journeys end with questions that in the beginning you didn't even think to ask.


"Pure and Utter Joy" - Jane McKrae, one of National Geographic's top images {mother and infant after water birth}

Your Birth Your Voice Common Doula Misconceptions

I have been interviewed by potential clients who tell me that they are looking for someone to 'speak up for them', or to 'be their voice' during birth

Chiropractor in Calgary for Pregnancy and Labour

I love getting my weekly adjustments!kraft→Chiropractic during pregnancy has been shown to reduce labor times and labour pain

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