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 Delicious and spicy! Chipotle Tacos, Chipotle Chicken, Chicken Tacos, Copycat Recipes, I Foods, Mexican Food Recipes, Cravings, Spicy, Good Food

Chicken Tacos

Ever since visiting Chipotle for the first time when I was down in Arizona last month, I have been craving Mexican food. Specifically, I have been craving Chipotle, but as there isn't one here in Edmonton I thought I should check on-line and see if I could find some copy cat recipes. Well, lo-and-behold there…

Skinny Taco Dip from Skinny Taste. A delicious and healthier spin on Mexican, layered dip. Made with sour cream, cream cheese, salsa, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese and avocados. Yum! Cream Cream, Sour Cream, Skinny Taco Dip, Come Dine With Me, Layer Dip, Skinny Taste, Cheddar Cheese, Starters, Lettuce

Skinny Taco Dip

For some reason there is something so delicious and wonderful about dip. I'm not sure what it is that I love about it....the dipping action itself or the fact that dips are almost always wonderfully creamy and unhealthy. Either way, I love a good dip. So, when I was browsing through one of my favourite…

Cinnamon Sugar Shortbread from the Best of Bridge. Christmas Treats, Christmas Recipes, Christmas Cookies, Xmas Food, Shortbread, I Foods, Cinnamon, Bridge, Sugar

12 Posts of Christmas – Lauren’s Shortbread

Although one of the great things about Christmas is having long standing family rituals and traditions, it's also wonderful to gain new traditions and family. There is nothing like sharing the love at Christmas. :) This Christmas, my brother's wonderful fiancée, Lauren, was kind enough to share one of the recipes that has been a…

 Graham cracker cupcakes with a lime, cream cheese frosting. Key Lime Cupcakes, Welcome Home Parties, Lime Cream, Cream Cheese Frosting, Graham Crackers, I Foods, Sweets, Eat, Cooking

Key Lime Cupcakes

My brother's girlfriend, Lauren, has been going to school down in the States for the past four years. She is now back in Edmonton and we all couldn't be happier to have, the now, Dr. Lauren, home! To celebrate Lauren's homecoming, Nick and I decided to throw her a surprise welcome home party. Surprise parties…

Salted Caramel Creme Brulee with Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. Gluten Free Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mixed Berries, Creme Brulee, I Foods, Caramel, Good Food

12 Posts of Christmas – Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I sure I did! This Christmas was full of good food and family. My family spent Christmas Eve with some of Lauren's family, which was a lot of fun. And the evening was made even better, because we got to enjoy food straight from…

My family Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is a a classic, so I used that cookie recipe as a base and just switched up the chocolate chips for Mini Eggs. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, Oatmeal Cookies, Mini Eggs Cookies, Dog Food Recipes, Cookie Recipes, I Foods, Baking, Eat, Breakfast

Mini Egg Oatmeal Cookies

My family Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is a a classic, so I used that cookie recipe as a base and just switched up the chocolate chips for Mini Eggs.

Delicious crab cakes with a creamy lemon dill sauce. Mamas Fish House, Lemon Dill Sauce, Best Crabs, Crab Cakes, I Foods, Seafood, Eat, Cooking, Breakfast

Crab Cakes

I love crab cakes. Like, I really love crab cakes. I don't know why, but they are probably one of my favourite things to eat. Some of the best crab cakes I have ever had were at Mama's Fish House in Maui, but I would love to go somewhere on the East coast of the US (Maryland,…

Delicious Homemade Eggnog Martini for Christmas! Eggnog Martini, Homemade Eggnog, Fun Cooking, Happy Hour, I Foods, New Recipes, Pudding, Posts, Eat

12 Posts of Christmas – Nick’s Eggnog Martini

My brother, Nick, is a really good cook. He's pretty comfortable in the kitchen and doesn't seem to have any qualms about trying new recipes. When I asked if he would share a recipe for my 12 Posts of Christmas, we both thought maybe a drink recipe would be fun. He sent over this Eggnog…

Delicious, healthy and refreshing Pumpkin Pie Spice smoothie Barre Body, Barre Workout, Pumpkin Pie Spice, I Foods, Glass Of Milk, Eat, Cooking, Healthy, Smoothie

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Well hey there everybody, I hope you had a great weekend! I know I did. I started my weekend off with an awesome workout at Barre Body Studio. I started taking barre class about a month ago and I was hooked after the first class. Barre fitness is rooted in Ballet and focuses on building…

Melon Patch Alcoholic Drinks, Cocktails, Champagne Cocktail, Sweet Tarts, Pretty Good, I Foods, Patches, Eat, Cooking

Melon Patch

I am on my way to being caught up on the champagne cocktails. It's August now (where did the summer go?) and I'm halfway through all the cocktails! I think all of them have been pretty good, however there have definitely been some stand-outs. I think my favourite so far is the Sweet Tart. This…

Passion fruit spritz champagne cocktail. Alcoholic Drinks, Cocktails, Champagne Cocktail, Punch Bowls, I Foods, Passion, Fruit, Eat, Cooking

Passion Fruit Spritz

Well, I guess today is a good day to do another Champagne Cocktail post because.... it's my birthday! For some reason 25 seems like a really big deal to me. I'm not sure if it is because 25 is a quarter century, it's halfway to 50, it's only 5 years until 30 or because at…

The best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Favorite Cookie Recipe, Best Oatmeal, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, I Foods, Cookie Recipes, Baking, Eat, Desserts, Blog

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

If I had to pick a favourite cookie recipe, without a doubt, this is it. My mom has been making these cookies for my family for as long as I can remember and this very well might be the first cookie recipe I ever baked. I absolutely love these cookies and they are my go-to recipe when…

The fun thing about these shooters too, is that you can take this concept and switch it up. Dessert Shooters, Tangier, I Foods, Tart, Panna Cotta, Lemon, Cooking, Ethnic Recipes, Desserts

Lemon Tart Dessert Shooters

The fun thing about these shooters too, is that you can take this concept and switch it up.

Delicious and healthy Tuscan Kale Salad with toasted bread crumbs and peccorino romano. Kale Chips, Kale Salad, Bread Crumbs, Seaweed Salad, I Foods, Smoothies, Healthy Recipes, Eat, Cooking

Tuscan Kale Salad

Kale is one of those foods that I know is very good for me, but I just haven't found many preparations that I have particularly enjoyed. I don't know that I have ever tasted a kale chip and said "wow, this is so delicious" and even kale in smoothies doesn't seem to work that well…

Bobby Flay's Throwdown Pumpkin Pie with a Graham Cracker crust and Maple-Bourbon Whipped cream. A great take on a classic! Graham Cracker Crust, Graham Crackers, Whipped Cream, Ice Cream, Happy Thanksgiving, Bourbon, I Foods, Bobby, Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend some time enjoying the company of your friends and family, or whomever you are thankful for this year. This Thanksgiving I spent some quality time with my family, which was absolutely wonderful. This holiday was made even more special…

Caprese Salad made with cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Italian Centre Shop, How To Make Salad, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Vinegar, Cherry Tomatoes, Caprese Salad, I Foods, Olive Oil, Lunch

Cute Caprese Salad

A couple of weeks ago I went to Massimo's, the new restaurant beside the Italian Centre Shop on 51st ave, for a work lunch. A few of us split the Caprese salad to start and it was so fresh and delicious! It inspired me to make my own version of it when I was out…