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I don't get why everyone thinks that all we Canadians do it play hockey and make friends. We make buttertarts and maple syrup on sticks too, hello. >> Are you from Canada? 'cause playing hockey and making friends is our main thing

When they understood Canadian family values.

9 Times Tumblr Understood Canadians And Their Love Affair With Maple Syrup

The full saying is "blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" so maple syrup is more important than love. <<< A Canadian right there


When Canada forgot its place.

When Canada forgot it's place. That is why americans refer to canada as north us but less.


Canada, an infographic with words (lots of words, some of which are funny).kinda missing nb and ns from the map. Can't be a map of canada a leave out 2 provinces


A Canadian Joke I remember someone telling me. Canadian Humor A Newfie, a little m Canadian Humor canada