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Okay, the font is not impressive, but I love the simplicity of the logo!

Shared History Provincial Toques

Hunting for Canadiana: Shared History Provincial Toques at the Drake General Store in Toronto

Rolf Harder — Grand Prix du Canada, Graphics Manual (1977)

Grand Prix du Canada, Graphics Manual Rolf Harder, Design Collaborative Montreal Ltd. and Rolf Harder & Associates Inc.

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1976 Olympics Graphics Manual

CBC Logo by Burton Kramer 1974

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The five rings of the Olympic symbol are printed in white against a solid red background. They are shown as if reflected on water.  Montréal 1976  in black upper center.

Montreal Olympics 1976 Chisholm Larsson Gallery - Original Vintage Posters: Movie, Theatrical, Political and

Montréal Olympics Test Event Posters

Design: Montreal 1976 Design Team (assumed) Client: Montreal 1976 Olympic Games Date: 1975

Montreal Expos


mightyflynn: “Tim Raines, ca. 1985 Dodger Stadium Los Angeles, California Photo by Andrew D.

Official CBC Heritage via Granted

Official CBC Heritage - Natural

Granted is a premium hand-knit brand of traditional Canadian sweaters and accessories.