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there is a cup with a straw in it on the counter next to a coffee maker
a white shelf with some books and cups on it
Home Tour Series: Kitchen and Dining Room - Jillian Harris Design Inc.
a kitchen counter with coffee maker, mugs and other items on it
Coffee station
three bottles and two spoons on a table with some books in front of them
a coffee maker sitting on top of a wooden table
45+ Genius Small Coffee Bar Ideas You Will Love In Your Home
a kitchen counter with a coffee maker on top of it next to an open window
Coffee Carts Are the New Bar Cart—Here’s How to Style Yours
a coffee maker sitting on top of a counter next to two cups and a blender
Apartment Coffee Bar Ideas
an open drawer in a kitchen filled with coffee
Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Spaces
a coffee maker sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a toaster oven
Creative Co-Op Stoneware Rest Lid … curated on LTK