montessori fingerprint peace dove with a color key of all children who participated

Fingerprint Peace Dove - Identify each child by color By the Beverly Cleary School Class ART Projects Auction 2009

Amazing art lessons, wonderful, almost makes me want to get back to the classroom. I love how she breaks it down for two different skill levels.

poppy mixed media project {file under: art} Use poppy idea for Remembrance Day wreath?

Remembrance Day - Art (Perspective focus)

Second grade studied perspective to create these stunning poppy paintings. They first drew a horizon line on either light blue or light gr.

Grade 8 Poppy Art in honour of Remembrance Day

These remind me of stained glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany Grade 8 Poppy Art in honour of Remembrance Day

Poppy painting to hang in the living room. The catch? I want to paint my own version.

2011 Three Red Poppies II painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This 2011 Three Red Poppies II painting is available at custom size.

Coffee Filter Poppy Flower

End this sensational season with this fun and simple children's Coffee Filter Poppy Flower craft!

I love the texture of these poppies!  The buttons are a fabulous touch!

that artist woman: Poppy Mixed Media Worth reading the instructions on the site as it tells you how to create the textured easy and effective.

that artist woman: In the Style of van Gogh: Remembrance Day Painting and Giveaway Results

This is "Field of Poppies" by Vincent van Gogh 1890 . As a Remembrance Day art project I wanted Grade 3 to try and recreate this composi.