Liz Yaworski

Liz Yaworski

Liz Yaworski
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This lemon beer-based sangria is a top candidate for porch parties and cookouts this summer. Cannot wait.

Brewsky Sangria - This tangy beer-based sangria was inspired by a British customer& request for a shandy, a refreshing blend of lager beer and lemonade or soda.

5 Art Appreciation lessons for summer learning #summerfun #oamc

Summer Art School - 5 Ways to Teach Children About Art *The purpose of these summer learning projects is to not only help your child practice his artistic skills, but to also introduce him to basic principles of art and art history, as well as to help him

I love hundred chart games and activities!  Here some great ones to use.

I printed out hundreds charts on white and BRIGHT colored paper and laminated both copies. (I have one set for every student) Then I cut the NEON paper into different shaped puzzle pieces. Students work to cover their entire puzzles quickly and quietly.