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8 Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas You Should Consider | Hairstyles |Hair Ideas |Updos

Can I have this hair please. The color, the thickness, the style.and also the perfect skin and makeup. 😭 Medium ash brown natural hair color for cool skintones.

Adorable !!!

A great example of kindness! A piglet named Chris P. Bacon was born without his hind legs, but thanks to his caring owners, he can now walk with the help of a tiny wheelchair made from children's toys. The little piglet's name? Chris P.


So I guess the picture was taken with the cat's phone.Kitten: "I found this human in the parking garage today. I think I'll adopt him.

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I hate it when I go to bed and then realize I became a cat that has to pee. I just hate it. Every Time I hate it when go to bed and then realize became a cat that has pee just Seriously