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Lizzy Irwin

Vancouver, BC
Lizzy Irwin
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The new Wales is a vibrant place where history is alive and Welsh culture finds new forms of expression. The mix of defiant tradition and New-World sophistication is one of Wales’ greatest assets toda

Viking long boat, Wexford, Ireland

Day 81 - Awesome replica viking boat in Wexford. We really hated having to cut this place from our original itinerary.

The Mulranny Goats have for generations looked down at the comings and goings of Mulranny village, occasionally visiting the streets, fields and indeed gardens. With so much natural heritage to offer in the picturesque area, little attention had been paid to ‘the goats’, apart from when they made their unannounced forays into private gardens. That all changed last weekend, when a team of scientists goat enthusiasts set out to establish whether this was the last of the ~Old Irish Goat~ herds.

Patricks Day, heres a look at the Old Irish Goat breed. This heritage breed is similar to native goats from Scotland, England and Wales, a

Sheep on Muckish mountain, Donegal, Ireland

My Uncles sheep up on Muckish Mountain in Donegal Ireland. The sheep are bread to withstand the harsh mountain conditions and hard winters in this region.