These history videos for kids cover the four year history cycle--ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern. This gallery of videos is absolutely amazing!

FREE History Videos for Kids -Brookdale House compiled a huge list of videos to go with all time periods. These videos cover the four year history cycle–ancient history, medieval history, early modern history, and modern

Canada’s history might not be as long or as colourful as some other countries, but it does include some interesting tidbits of excitement and, as part of the New World, has had some unique adventures in exploration. This timeline tries … Continue reading →

Canadian Timeline - to Confederation {Printable}

This Canadian timeline tries to include most of the more important events in our history – ranging from pre-European arrival to the Confederation of 186

What Years The Provinces and Territories of Canada Joined Canada - an easy activity.

Hands-On Canadian History: When the Provinces and Territories Joined Canada

The provinces and territories of Canada have changed since Here's a fun way to learn when each province or territory became part of this country.

Image of the physical layout of the House of Commons.

Also Elizabeth II Political parties „ Liberal „ Conservative „ New Democratic „ Bloc Québécois „ Green 0 Independent Canada’s part of the Commonwealth It funds the Commonwealth annually 21 interpeters are translators

Canada Day Craft: Sugar Cube Igloos

How to Make a Sugar Cube Igloo

Hands-On Canadian History: Fathers of Confederation - 3 part cards activity

Hands-On Canadian History: Fathers of Confederation

These cards feature the photos, names, provinces of each of the fathers of confederation - done in the style of 3 part cards from the Montessori method.