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an empty city street at night with snow on the ground and buildings in the background
Château Frontenac in Winter
Château Frontenac in winter - Quebec, Canada. Would so love to go here during the winter season. :)
a snow covered street with buildings on the hill in the background
Hotel de Glace
Quebec City, Canada. #city
a large building with many windows and lights on it
Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac
Le Chateau Frontenac . Quebec
a snowy street scene with houses and trees in the foreground, on a winter day art print
Snow in Montreal
Snow in Montreal
an old building with snow on the ground and stairs leading up to it's door
Montreal, Canada-Stairs...
a very big pretty house in the snow
a snowy street with christmas lights and decorations
two people standing in front of a building with christmas decorations on the windows and doors
Quebec City in Winter | 2022 Guide | To Europe and Beyond
Quebec City in Winter in 45 Lovely Photos
the city is lit up at night by the water
Le Chateau Frontenac - Explore Quebec's Old Town
Le Chateaux Frontenac, Quebec is one of the most photographed hotels in the world, it's well worth a visit. There are a multitude of other incredible sights in Quebec, which makes it a top contender for our bucket list! #Quebec
an empty city street with tall buildings on both sides
HDR Photography Rue St. Paul Old Montreal
HDR Photography Rue St. Paul
people are walking down an old brick street
Street Scene, Old Montreal
Old City street scene in Montreal, Quebec * Photo by Paul Ennis
a wreath with pine cones and red flowers on the front door is decorated with burlap
Top-30 Astonishing Christmas Wreaths Ideas
Are you always having no ideas to make your holiday home look beautiful, unique and eye-catching? If your answer is ‘yes’, you must have forgotten the ornaments hung on the front door. Christmas wreath is a very lovely symbol of holiday. A cool and unique Christmas wreath will bring jealousy to your neighbors.
an outdoor restaurant with lots of people sitting at tables and eating food in the evening
Montreal's Best Terraces and Rooftop Patios for Wining and Dining
Jardin Nelson (Montreal, Canada), my favorite restaurant in Old Montreal
an old brick building with many windows and signs on it's sides in the city
Rue St Denis, Montreal. Fab shopping. Lora Weaver & Camille Caron go there in my second book, The Pas de Deux.