Check out this awesome poster for a narrative writing rubric! Take a look at your writing and see if theres anything you can improve!

I think this is usable, with a little tweaking Kid Friendly Rubrics - Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing Diamond Freebie as seen on Fifth Grade Flock

Narrative Writing Diamond Freebie can be use by students to help comprehend the story and draw conclusion. It also helps them organize thoughts.

Narrative Writing Rubrics - Common Core

Narrative Writing Rubrics - Common Core Standards

Narrative Writing Rubric to be use with older elementary/secondary students, especially with writing according to Common Core.

narrative writing prompts

Narrative Writing Prompt Cards or Sticks

Buy the bundled set of my writing prompts total and save! Leave feedback for tpt credits! These are the same OPINION writing prompts in my mixed writing prompts set and 3 and my bundled set of prompts available in my store.

narrative writing

Narrative Essentials Poster--Share the basics for narrative writing. Look at the other Smekens Education original posters highlighting the essential skills for 4 major genres.

Narrative Writing Prompt: What I Didn't Do Over Summer Vacation

Narrative Writing Prompt: What I Didn't Do Over Summer Vacation. Since so many kids just play video games

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