Valley of the Ten Peaks, Canada. #snow #mountains #Canada #Canadian

Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada. This beautiful creation of nature is located in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. As the name suggests, this valley consists of ten peaks and Moraine Lake flowing at their feet.

Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada---I'm Canadian, this is to true, I apologize like 15 times when I bump into someone

Classic bike, shetland sweater, heavy socks, cords and tweed hat

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 collection for this season the collection inspired by the great outdoors, with a unique mix of luxurious layers, from rich sweaters and flannels to rugged outerwear.

Things that happen in Canada: "Damn moose eating my pumpkin"

Damn moose eating my pumpkin

Property Management- Last Frontier]: "Only in Alaska do you have to worry about a moose eating your pumpkin carvings right off your porch! Hopefully the wreath isn't next! Has this ever happened to you?

GAGAHOLISM: Canadian Problems

Bob & Doug MacKenzie - Take off, you hoser. Bob is played by Rick Moranis and Doug is played by Dave Thomas.

....or porcupines, or the cougar running beside the car, the owl in the middle of the road that turns it's head and opens it's wings and scares the hell out of u.

or deer, porcupines, skunks, raccoons and chipmunks :) Not so Hilaaaarious actually. A real problem.

haha, actually no. they said stay home, besides, if the snow plow can't make it down my road, why should i leave, I have enough food lol

bosses be like, you're still coming to work right.this is how it is for a nurse or anyone who works with the public

Canadian Tire money, i once had a guy bring me $ 294.95 in to count out for him to purchase a lawn mower!

Open a drawer there's some CT money. open the glove box there's some CT money. check your pockets there's some CT money (and you haven't been there in like a month!

I've never known ANYONE who actually says this- other than Americans who think they're doing a Canadian accent!

Lol you should see my dad when he comes home from a run in the winter…Canadian guy, long Kurt-Cobain-style hair…yeah.