Laziest Thing You've Ever Done? Hahaha definitely worth reading. Some of these are hilarious!

Laziest Thing You've Ever Done

Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Equal parts genius, hilarious and gross. im sure my laziest thing is my life


A quote from Brendan Shanahan - Hall of Famer - Is Hockey Hard? YES it's hard! Only the best athletes can play hockey.more difficult than baseball or basketball.


USA Olympic Men's Hockey Team 1980 - Miracle on Ice--probably the most dramatic moment in ice hockey history.

patrick sharp. my goodness.

Dear Patrick Sharp, Thank you for being beautiful. Sincerely, Women of Chicago. and around the world cookin good lookin

Patrick Sharp, leftwing for the Chicago Blackhawks

Patrick Sharp in Still married to his Wife Abigail Banever? Does Patrick Sharp have tattoos?

Torey Krug - Michigan State Spartans | Tumblr

Torey Krug when he played for Michigan State Spartans Hockey

A big burly hockey player wearing pink. Awesome.

BERRY hot men: Real men wear pink (25 photos)

Patrick Sharp. ❤

Patrick Sharp Chicago Blackhawks - if I didn't already love hockey, he would convince me to watch.

Manliness: Basketball Vs Hockey

Funny pictures about Basketball vs. Oh, and cool pics about Basketball vs. Also, Basketball vs.