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January 14: Why I don't love Pantone's "colour of the year"

Late in 2015 the Pantone company revealed its new colour for This year it's not one, but TWO colours that make Pantone's "it" choice. They are Pantone

blog post October 8: It's a new design partnership!

Announcing a new design partnership

If you've ever felt your logo could be designed in a horrible rush-here's why it can't.

Every once in a while we get a request for logo design-but the person is in a rush.

Before 2015 ends, take a few minutes to review these "brand maintenance" tasks. Blog post December 3, 2015

Before we close the door on take 15 minutes and think about your brand and how it progressed over the year.

It's January-and before you start marketing-does your business have a recognizable "face"? Blog post January 16, 2016

Is your business just another face in the crowd?

Ima Ortega's thoughts on how your photo choices communicate your brand.

This month is all about CLARITY: being clear about what your brand is, and being clear in communicating it to your audience.

As a business owner, are YOU clear on what your brand is? Blog post March 3/16

As a business owner, are YOU clear on what your brand is? Blog post March 3/16

Your logo is not your brand: Brand Image Tips for February 2016

A few times we have heard business owners say: “I have a logo. And business cards. That’s my brand, right?

Is your LOGO just another visual cliché?

I drove past yet another dental office that uses a molar as their "logo" or as part of their sign. Over the past few months I've seen a

Consistency within your brand: blog post October 1

“Consistency within your brand” is something I am always preaching." After all, consistency means doing

"Do these jeans make my butt look big?" is the equivalent of "does my logo need a makeover?" Here's why.

Bff Tracy found out she was pregnant then delivered a full term baby 4 (yes FOUR) days latter!