hahaha fail!!

Hockey Memes on

Funny pictures about Hockey step by step. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey step by step. Also, Hockey step by step.

Then hockey season started ;)

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: All spring and summer she was a graceful, classy lady. then Hockey Season started.


Though, if you find your friend at a hockey game where God intended friendships to form, you probably already knew that. just love the minions

I wish there were more bench clearing brawls, but they still fight! And the game is always entertaining!

Rottenecards - Why hockey? Hits are at the speed of football hits, there are routinely bench-clearing brawls, and you sit in a box for 5 minutes if you decide to smash somebody's nose in with your fists.

Hockey players get all the girls.

That's why my bro plays hockey and why my boyfriends have been hockey players


Blame the Playoffs (I'd just blame my love for hockey -- all my family / friends will understand this!

We Tuukka** your cup  It is SO DAMN funny!!!

Chicago Blackhawks win series and Stanley Cup in the last minutes and a half of the third period :D

Dear Hockey Gods.....

I prayed my hardest today.well, I got something better than a Stanley Cup from the Blues. I got renewed hope when nothing could bring it to me.