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Tivibu tivi redesign landingpage

TiviBu_Tivi_reDesign_LandingPage.png by Gülçin Gümüş

Tivibu tivi redesign watching page
Interface DesignWeb DashboardDesign Ideas

TiviBu_Tivi_reDesign_Watching_Page.png by Gülçin Gümüş


conceptappletv.jpg by Alec Korkuc

Dribbble 4
App UiWeb DesignAlessoUser InterfaceSuperhero

dribbble_4.png by graylabel

Ui WebInterface DesignInteractive Design

____.png by Mr.89

Dribbble 3
App UiUx DesignUgly HeartUser InterfaceTvs

dribbble_3.png by graylabel

Dribbble 5
App UiParty MixUser InterfacePlaystation

dribbble_5.png by graylabel

025 2x
App UiFlat Design IconsTv DisplayUser Experience DesignWebsite Design Layout

025-2x.png by Shab Majeed

Tv app visual
Books 2018BehanceZootopia

tv_app_-_visual.png by Matteo Mapelli

Tv mockups by ultralinx   traf

tv_mockups_by_ultralinx___traf.jpg by Al Lucca

TV App - Music Player by Nainoa Shizuru
Web DesignWebsite Design LayoutUser Interface Design

TV App - Music Player

My challenge for today is a TV App. I really enjoyed pushing myself to not only quickly create the interface, but also experimenting with transitions. -- Instagram · Twitter · Website

Browse genre
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browse-genre.png by Nainoa Shizuru

Vevo 03 genre

vevo_03_genre.jpg by Ivy Pulchan

Vevo 02 search

vevo_02_search.jpg by Ivy Pulchan

Good MoviesWeb DesignDesk

dribbblenichtmenu.jpg by Tom Sodoge

Vevo 04 artist page

vevo_04_artist_page.jpg by Ivy Pulchan