Sidney Patrick Crosby, born August 7,1987 is captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He proudly represents Canada in this year's 2014 Olympics. He also secured Canada’s record 14th gold medal of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, and the nation’s eighth Olympic gold in men’s hockey with his " Golden Goal" game winner. @Melissa Henson Shiller

The Great Canadian Hockey Player, Sydney Crosby. "Remember that time when Sidney Crosby stepped on the ice like a rockstar and stepped off as a legend?

Vancouver 2010, Team Canada - Hockey

Sidney Crosby's victory lap after scoring the winning goal in the Men's Hockey Final in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Click the pin to see more of hockey's iconic moments.

GENIUS. Team Canada's festive beer fridge that will only open with a Canadian passport as the key. #SelfMagazine

Olympic Daily Dispatch: Updates, Highlights and General Buzz From Sochi 2014

Who needs an Olympic medal when you've got free beer, eh? Thanks to a "beer fridge," the Canadian Olympic House in Sochi is where the party's at. The alcohol vending machine, created by Molson Canadian, only opens by scanning a Canadian passport.

Golden men and women!!!

These are the new 2014 Nike Team Canada Hockey Jerseys for the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter.

Proud Canadian

Team Canada Olympic Men's Jersey is perfect for showing off your Canadian pride Features Team Canada logo on the front with swoosh design embroidered on right