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July 2, 1962 - The First Walmart Opens A real American success story.

July 2, 1962 - The First Walmart Opens

Ben Franklin could’ve had it made. I’m not referring to the “founding father”, of course – the one Americans will honor tomorrow, he of t...

Toronto 1920s "The Sunnyside pool. Nicknamed the "Tank," the heated, filtered, and chlorinated 3 million litre pool--possibly one of the largest in the world--opened in the summer of 1925. Today, it's the Gus Ryder Pool." - from BlogTO

A 1920s Toronto photo extravaganza

The 1920s were big years for Toronto. After finally emerging from the ravages of the first world war, in which Canadian soldiers had distinguished ...

Bloor St & Indian Rd

Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

It would have been a wonder to behold, the novelty of a trussed-up and busted-in-the-mouth contractor, he being displayed after his poor showing of The...

7 Design Legends Make History—Meet the 2017 AIGA Medal Award WinnersEye on Design | Eye on Design

7 Design Legends Make History—Meet the 2017 AIGA Medal Award Winners

Six years after it was founded in 1914, AIGA created the AIGA Medal, an annual award to celebrate designers who have gone beyond the bounds of their practice to make a major impact both within the design industry and well beyond it. From unsung heroes to household names, AIGA Medalists include museu

The so-called girl-on-a-swing billboard in Scarborough is well remembered from the 1960s for its creative promotion of a Chrysler dealership.

Toronto's advertising sign companies push hard for digital billboards

The city's proposal to open up new areas for electronic advertising, though raising the spectre of light bombardment, may not be all it appears.