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9 Chia Seed Benefits + Side Effects - Dr. Axe http://www.draxe.com #health #holistic #benefits

9 Chia Seeds Benefits + Side Effects: Perfect addition to any detox smoothie and more! I've been on the chia seed kick for 8 years, way before it became a "fad" diet. But heck our ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years!

“I don’t feel weird at all when I stand next to my short friends.” | 23 Things Tall Girls Won't Ever Say

This is me but the tall one. And a lot of people think that tall people don't feel weird standing next to their short friends, but that's a bug fat lie xD

BMI And Waist Circumference Chart

BMI & Waist Circumference Although the BMI calculator does not take into consideration factors like frame size and muscle mass, it's still considered to be an adequate tool for calculating if sedentary people are overweight