Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids! #Summer #Spring art project

Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids! Summer art project - I have seen this done with halfed apples to really nice on black paper

During Remembrance Day-after reading in flander's fields

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Remembrance day

Remembrance Day- first read the book, what does peace feel like. Then we wrote our own version and then colored the picture on our chairs to create texture like in the books illustrations.

Remembrance Day Writing Activity. There are several art projects at this site and a link to 'A Pittance of Time', which is always worth a listen.

Remembering Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Writing Activity - This would be good to do double sided with the two perspectives (Turkish and Australian)

Poppy Art for Remembrance Day - this turns out beautifully - my class did this last year with much success.

that artist woman: Poppy Art for Remembrance Day - coffee filter petals and tempera paints