Canada being Canada

Canada being Canada

As the harsh winter washes over us, it's amazing images like this that remind us to go outside and enjoy the majesty of snow and ice. Actually, let someone else go outside and take photos. It's cold.

Two Minutes Of Canada. This Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face.

The makers of this video asked Canadians to share clips of their best travel experiences.


Some people say we're everyone's 'favorite' country. We prefer 'favourite'. I am Canadian

Oh I know, eh--------------- and you rock it like it no other——— I agree eh

dollar coin

Greenwich, CT's The Happy Coin. Top Buyer & Seller of Coins, Silver, Gold & Currency

13 Awesome Things You Didn't Know Were Made In Canada

Forget Labatt’s beer and maple syrup. Canadians have created plenty of awesome and strange stuff, and here are 13 things you probably didn’t know were proudly made in Canada.

meanwhile in canada - Bing Images

Woke up to this yesterday morning, never seen one in 6 years living in this state, blew my mind.