Captain Arthur Roy Brown, Canadian World War I flying ace of the British RAF was officially credited with shooting down Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron", 20 April 1918.

Roy Brown, Canadian WWI flying ace credited by the RAF with shooting down Manfred von Richtofen on April though it is now believed the Red Baron may have been taken down by an Australian infantryman. Never lost a pilot in his flight during combat.

The Bluenose

The Famous Bluenose (Restored). Bluenose was a Canadian fishing and racing…

The Matthew, John Cabot’s ship, 1497

The Matthew Explorer. The Italian navigator was born Giovanni Caboto in England "John Cabot" in Italy around By he had moved to Bristol, England, with his family.

July 8, 1608: The first French settlement at Quebec is established by Samuel de Champlain.

Samuel De Champlain was an explorer, geographer, and mapmaker. He was the first governor of the french colony in Quebec. Lawrence River a main highway for trade.

Canadian History !

The Governors of the Hudsons Bay Company

In Flanders Fields

Canadian Postal Archives Database Postal Administration: Canada Title: John McCrae, In Flanders Field Denomination: Date of Issue: 15 October 1968