Here's an activity where students sort probability statements into the categories certain and impossible. Includes center materials and a cut and paste version for students.

This sort will help your students with the vocabulary terms 'certain' and 'impossible'. It includes cards for whole group use, as well as an independent cut and paste version.

Possible or Impossible Sentence Sort with 32 fun and silly sentences for kids to sort. Great for introducing PROBABILITY!! Or a fun vocabulary lesson or just for fun reading practice! You can also cut the pictures and sentences apart and have kids match them together as great fun reading practice!

Probability Math Center: Possible or Impossible Sentence Sort

I love having kids sort things; they discover examples and nonexamples. Not only do they work somewhat kinesthetically, they have to read the sentences (visual) and they usually read them out loud (audial).

Use with numeral dice OR change board for use with dot dice. Roll the die and graph the results on the chart supplied.

Chance & Data activity: Roll dice and mark the square above the number (or fill in the number). See which number wins.