Parts of Speech Flipbook- Fun parts of speech activities Perhaps I could use this when revising French at the beginning of each new electives class.

Parts of Speech Flipbook- Fun parts of speech activities. Try it as a Spanish activity for school-age kids learning Spanish! Great way for Spanish teachers to teach Spanish parts of speech.

Requested by someone on Facebook: 10 Child-Friendly French Movies + where to watch these movies. I also shared 5 more available in English only. Do not hesitate to share

10 Child-Friendly French Movies + Where to Watch these Movies Online

Discover some great child-friendly french movies that will help families learn French together + Where to easily find these movies online.

Fiche de lecture

Fiche de lecture - this could work for the reading comprehension I am hoping to do with my and

Est-ce que je peux.. (les expressions utiles dans la salle de classe)

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