Fenix Firecross

Fenix Firecross

Hyrule  ·  Miraculous, TMNT, Loz and Voltron. Also I'm suddenly craving subway.
Fenix Firecross
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#truth!!! Lol I'm glad I don't have grades to worry about lol.

Yeah I think sleep schedule is definitely a major one money is not as big of a problem because my parents don't let me buy much anyway hahahaha *internal screaming* lol

I just pulled an all nighter watching hello counselor it's 5:35am don't make me cry rn

BTS worked so hard.They didnt sleep,starved and were tired at their concerts that they canr even stand anymore but now they really made history.Damn why am I want to cry.

I love my dorks for their music and who they r  Not just looks

Okay so I just want to say that I am really proud of bts. I am now a fan of bts for almost 3 years an for the first time in those years I heard them on the radio. And I am just so damn proud of them. They deserve the world.

Not to mention it was in the middle of the night and I didn't sleep for 30 and a half hours straight cause I had class the next day.the things we do for our faves right

sameee somedays I wanna punch or fight a bish like Agust D or I don't wanna get judged like Suga and I'm just a fluffball like Min Yoongi lmao

3 stages of my day

CUTE !!!

CUTE !!!

Knock knock Who's there? It's savage Min Yoongi

My friend tried to tell me a knock knock joke only one time and accidentally did that (knock knock jokes aren't very common in Germany) XD

Thank you Lord for doing such a beautiful job with Kim Taehyung!

Thank you Lord for doing such a beautiful job with Kim Taehyung! <<< *Starts praying* Thank you She-sus (Eyyyyyyyy)💕

Well, that’s V for you. sometimes it’s better not to even try lol.