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a sign that says, when people are upset with you, repeat this i'm allowed to speak up & stand up for myself
an old poem written in black and white with the words'my therapist once told me what if they never change, and they go to their death
She will never allow him to heal
a poem written in black and white with the words your light above it, surrounded by clouds
a quote about moving forward without you is gift to myself on white background
What do your Boundaries look like?
What do your Boundaries look like?
a person holding up a book with an ad on it
Intuitive Healing, Ego Vs Soul, Healing Journey, Emotional Healing, Healing Trauma, Trauma Quotes
Are you regurgitating your conditioning or are you truly choosing?
a quote that says, a preregustic for giving someone a second chance is that they are able to clearly articulate
Coping Skills, Health Quotes, Emotional Health, Mental And Emotional Health
Uneasy Feelings No One Tells you about when you're Healing
Coaching, Self Help, Assertiveness, Becoming A Better You