Two by Kathryn Otoshi.

JJ GROWING UP OTO. TWO's best friend is ONE.until THREE jumps in between them. A powerful story of friendship, loss, letting go, and self-discovery.

I see a pattern here by Bruce Goldstone.

I See a Pattern Here by Bruce Goldstone - With stunning photographs that show diverse examples from nature and artwork around the world, Bruce Goldstone reveals the secrets behind patterns--and gives you some fun ideas for making your own.

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Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives: Lola M. Schaefer, Christopher Silas Neal: I love everything about this book.

This book is about nature and the changes that happen in the winter. I would use this book when teaching students about time and measurements.

Zero: Kathryn Otoshi - a wonderful kid's book that uses beautiful visuals to impart important messages about body types, social skills, acceptance.

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Fishpond Australia, 365 Penguins by Joelle Jolivet (Illustrated ) Jean-Luc Fromental. Buy Books online: 365 Penguins, ISBN Joelle Jolivet (Illustrated by) Jean-Luc Fromental

A million dots by Andrew Clements.

A Million Dots by Andrew Clements -- Prairie Pasque Nominees

Le monde a portee de la main par Davd J. Smith (version francaise de If...)

Le monde a portee de la main par Davd J. Smith (version francaise de If...)