Leslie Shieh

Leslie Shieh

Leslie Shieh
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3D Studio Prins

REBEL is a bold, flexible and sustainable design for the plot Zuidas Amsterdam. A smart framework enables spatial flexibility for a mixed-use building; green, collective and aiming at an ambitious international audience. REBEL is not t

H Arquitectes & DataAE - Environmental & paleontology research building

Built by H Arquitectes,DATAAE in Cerdanyola, Spain with date Images by Adrià Goula . The ICTA-ICP building, located in the UAB Campus (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), is a research centre in environ.

How Reverse Engineering Nature Can Spur Design Innovation

It’s not enough to copy nature. Today’s designers need a deeper understanding of environmental nuance, from the biome in.

WaterWise Freeway Corridor And Biomimicry - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Architecture and Design Magazine for the Century. Organizer of the Annual Skyscraper Architectural Competition.