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How-To: Make Edibles with Already Vaped Weed | Marijuana

Today I’m going to teach you an easy way to bring new life to your already vaped weed scraps. Yes, you can recycle your weed!

Avoid These 5 Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes | Leafly

Growing great cannabis is no easy feat, and many mistakes are possible. Learn about five of the most common mistakes to avoid for your cannabis garden.

Top to your chosen node, being careful not to damage the growth tips

Low Stress Training is like bonsai for cannabis plants. Plants are trained to grow flat and wide, which forces them to produce many big buds instead of just one or two. As a result, LST gives you bigger yields without changing your setup!

With 14(?) U.S. states already allowing medicinal marijuana users a legal alternative to managing their own pain, advocates fighting to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis claim their time is near. In November, California voters had the opportunity to end cannabis prohibition all together with Proposition 19 forcing the global spotlight on the issue of pot law reform for recreational use. Medicinal use of the plant, however, continue to forge on as a trojan horse of sorts. As more chronic…

If you are a person in Chronic pain you know this could be an option. The other drugs they give you can be more harmful than this but its not legal everywhere, why? The 16 Top Medical Marijuana Strains - CNBC

Pruning Marijuana Plants - When And How To Prune

Learn different pruning techniques like topping, super cropping, low stress training (LST) and monster cropping. Prune and

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Handy Little Cannabis pH Meter Chart

What Does the Handy Little Cannabis pH Meter Chart Do?First, you dont need to be an established chemist with 10 years lab experience to grow cannabis.

Magical Butter Machine Product Review (Part 2)

The Magical Butter Machine lets me use half as much expensive cannabis, and get more oil too!