Food Waste in Canada Equals 1,200 Sandwiches A Year (Or 3.5 Every Day) Per Person.  #FJQuotables

Food Waste in Canada Equals Sandwiches A Year (Or Every Day) Per Person. -- and this is true for every developed nation -- the fear of global famine is based on a myth -- we only need to stop wasting what we have so that everyone has enough.

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Here's a infographic about e-Waste in Canada that explains the steps we can all take to minimize our negative impact.

How much paper does a person use on average in a year?

I'm a lumberjack

Paper consumption/person/yr around the world in an infographic

World carbon dioxide emissions  #FlipOver

World carbon dioxide emissions data by country: China speeds ahead of the rest

An atlas of pollution: The world in carbon dioxide emissions. Continuing expansion of China has offset the reduction in carbon emissions in recession-hit western countries.

Sharkwater / HU DVD 11492 /

Sharkwater (2006)

Sharkwater documentary about shark finning. Written and directed by Rob Stewart.

29. The alkaline battery - invented by Lewis Urry in 1954.

50 great gifts Canada gave the world

Wind Energy in Canada Wind energy is one of the fastest growing major sources of new electricity around the world. In 2016, Canada’s wind generation grew by 702 MW spread among 21 new wind energy projects. In 2015, Canada’s installed capacity surpassed the 10,000 MW threshold, establishing the industry’s position as a mainstream source of …

Why Wind Works - Canadian Wind Energy Association