E-waste is a unfamiliar part for many people even we never think about it. You cann't imagine where does our e-waste go to die? How to dispose them? and How close to our life? this is the answer.
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8.E-waste brings environment and health problems  to some developing countries

The E-Waste Blight Grows More Dangerous Than Ever

We hear that we should dispose of our e-waste properly, but aren’t always aware of the exact affects it is having. This article highlights the dangers of e-waste and why it is so important to be cautious of it.

3. Sweden is a best example of disposing e-waste.

Recycling in Sweden has been so successful that the Scandinavian country has to import garbage from its European neighbors.

1..methods of recycling old electrical products

On America Recycles Day, we joined a conversation moderated by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries to talk the challenges and opportunities of recycling.