Canada Booklet (A Country Study)

Week 8 - Canada Booklet (A Country Study)-- Use during social studies units about countries around the world!

Gross Motor Farm Game

Fun game for those rainy day wiggles! Roll like a pig in the mud, gallop like a horse. A great gross motor movement game for preschool and kindergarten just for fun or as an activity for a farm unit!

I used to do this every year with my students for Camp Canada. LOVE the green tape idea - that part I didn't do!

Canada {Provinces, Territories, & Mapping} Unit

A Trip Across Canada ~ Canadian Province, Territories, & Mapping social studies unit. Teach your students about the 13 Canadian province and territories and about Canadian geography and mapping!

However, I believe Jewish boys from Eastern Europe created Superman<<no they created Captain America. Canada also invented Baseball

Free Printable Canada Day Preschool Activity Book

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