This is a great way to introduce social studies concepts

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

help kids understand diff between city, state, country. ** great project to help kids understand their place in this world.

It is not A as in Adam, B as in Boy... A - Alpha, B - Bravo... ect.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet : my siblings and I always knew these because my dad was an amateur radio operator.~ quote from Mary Ryan

A train tour of the different regions of Canada??

Foldable idea for social studies -- Train "tour" -- similar to the passport ideas. Take a train tour, and have a pocket for the different arctic animals we learn about!

totem poles

Beat of the Drum Elective (Make a Craft).Kid's Totem Poles- change it up for cub scout-- make each rank part of the totem pole. Would be fun decoration for Blue and Gold

Human Body Unit - Brain & Nerves - My Joy-Filled LIfe

Human Body Unit - Brain & Nerves

Human Body Unit: Brain & Nerve activities and resources Chintomby Chintomby Avila {My Joy-Filled Life}

totem pole: is it coffee cans? Awesome!  Now just need to start collecting cans for them to do it with.

What Would You Do With It Wednesday: Coffee Cans

Seventh Grade Online Social Studies Homeschooling Class

Seventh Grade Online Social Studies Homeschooling Class

Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: Alexander MacKenzie | The Canadian Homeschooler - Canada Homeschool Curriculum Resources

Supercharged Science - a Homeschool Science Curriculum