Slime Time (How to make your own ooze!)

The KreepyKents make slime/ooze/mutagen using the Borax and glue recipe with hilarious results. This awesome family project is a true do it yourself and is a.

Max Builds the Piper Computer Kit for Kids

Watch this video to see the Piper Computer Kit being built. With this kit, kids can build their own computer to play Minecraft on, and for Christmas this yea.

Matchstick Rocket Mania!

Matchstick Rockets are a super easy way to fire up the weekend. The Kreepy Kents light it up and send miniature tin foil rockets soaring around the house lea.

Summoning the Demon Fire Snake of Doom

The Kreepy Kents summon the demonic black fire snake in this episode. Just kidding, they light baking soda and sugar on fire.

Unbelievable Balloon Science for Kids

Amazing balloon science and giggles as we poke, stab, and skewer balloons. Is Papa full of hot air?

Rainbow in a Jar Liquid Density Experiment

Make a beautiful rainbow in a jar using different liquids and learn about density. In this how-to video the Kreepy Kents tackle this simple science experimen.