50 Insane Facts About Canada!

50 Insane Facts about Canada [Infographic] Canada is a North American country consisting of ten prov

Moving to Canada: Beginner's Guide

Moving to Canada: Beginner’s Guide - This will be me if Trump wins the next presidential election. Pray God that Never happens!

Pain in the ass ! Canadian problems

*sitting in class quietly crying*this was a nightmare and the teachers expected you to colour all of Nunavut

I'm not gonna lie to you. It ain't easy.

It usually just ended up a spiky blob on any art projects that required one in elementary.

WTF this must what it looks like up north ( lives in the southern part of Ontario, warmest part of Canada)

Texas, winter storm of the century (rain wet streets) --- Canada, Wednesday

What the puck...my husband had a dryer in University that looked like that! So did most of the neighborhood garage doors.

My mom's freezer looked just like this. And the barn door, and the neighbours garage door, and the wall in the hay loft.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian who has a hit song called "Sorry"..

Justin Bieber is a Canadian who has a hit song called "Sorry".-----I sure hope Trump doesn't deport him;

I always have to remind myself not to order ice tea when I'm in the states or else it's a shocker on that first sip lol

I love American iced tea. I have a major problem with Canadian iced tea. All of these are so accurate

Best Hot Springs Around the World that are Earth’s Greatest Gift to Mankind « Keyhole Hot Springs, Canada, photo by Joel Schat »

Keyhole Hot Springs, Canada, photo by /joelschat/ (two hours fifteen minutes out of Whistler, northwest) might be too out of the way, depending on what were up to.