TIFF.net | A Little Chaos

Film still from Alan Rickman's A LITTLE CHAOS - starring Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, and Stanley Tucci - screening at

Tokyo Fiancée

Tokyo Fiancée: A Japanophile young Belgian woman in Tokyo falls into a whirlwind romance with a Francophile Japanese student, in this charming and tender tale of young love and cultural discovery.

TIFF.net | This is Where I Leave You

Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Corey Stoll, and Adam Driver in This Is Where I Leave You

TIFF.net | Clouds of Sils Maria

[ad Olivier Assayas‘ Clouds of Sils Maria stars Juliette Binoche, Chloe Moretz, Kristen Stewart, and Johnny Flynn. At the peak of her international career, Maria Enders (Juliette .

TIFF.net | Big Game

first look at Samuel L. Jackson and Onni Tommila in Jalmari Helander's Big Game


David Gordon Green’s Manglehorn stars Al Pacino as an ex-con attempting to start over as a locksmith in a small town. AJ Manglehorn is an aging, ordinary guy in a small town.

Mr. Turner

Cannes Mike Leigh’s ‘Mr. Turner’ a witty portrait of a landscape painter Festival de Cannes 2014

TIFF.net | The Connection

The Connection: Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) stars as French police magistrate Pierre Michel, who waged an obsessive six-year battle to bring down Marseilles' infamous "French Connection" drug ring.


Jane Eyre

Oct 2015 at EDT Guidance (Canada 80 min.) Director: Pat Mills Former child star Pat Mills (TV’s You Can’t Do T

TIFF.net | Three Hearts

3 coeurs - Publicity still of Chiara Mastroianni & Benoît Poelvoorde. The image measures 4256 * 2832 pixels and was added on 25 March

Natural Resistance

Jonathan Nossiter returns to the subject of “Mondovino,” his 2005 film, and argues in favor of artisanal winemaking.