Lawren Stewart Harris (October 23, 1885 – January 29, 1970) one of the best known landscape painters of the Group of Seven

Lawren Harris - Mount Lefroy, 1930 - Oil on canvas, x cm, McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris Lake Superior Sketch c. Another of the Group of Seven, early century . (Contrast this with Aboriginal Art - similarly brilliant approaches from artists generations apart, similar in their clarity of vision.

Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris, Clouds, Lake Superior, 1923 Lawren Harris was a member of the Group of Seven, a group of artists who sought uniquely Canadian expressions through landscape painting.

group of seven - Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris: Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, Oil on canvas. Collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

Lawren Harris - Lake Superior

Lake Superior by Lawren Harris- Group of Seven offset lithograph fine art print

Harris du Groupe des Sept lawren harris art canada group of seven

North Shore, Lake Superior, 1926 Lawren S. Harris Canadian, 1885 - 1970 oil on canvas x cm Purchased 1930 National Gallery of Canada (no. © family of Lawren S.


Lawren Harris Lake Superior, Sketch XLVII c. 1923 Oil on panel, 30 x cm Collection: A. Prakash © Family of Lawren S.